a few REBOL scripts

REBOL altjson.r
REBOL to/from JSON - see JSON and REBOL (compatible with R3)
REBOL altwebform.r
REBOL to/from URL-Encoded Form Data - see REBOL and Web Forms
REBOL altxml.r
REBOL XML DOM Implementation - see XML and REBOL
REBOL anim-style.r
Animation style, alternative to animated GIFs (see sample - works in Internet Explorer with plugin; also see tile-test)
REBOL arran.r
My Original REBOL/View Demo
REBOL arrow-RebGUI-port.r
Arrow Style for RebGUI
REBOL base58.r
Encode/Decode Integers as Base58
REBOL big-button.r
Big Button Style
REBOL big-check.r
Big Check Style
REBOL big-radio.r
Big Radio Style
REBOL blosxom.r
Throwaway port of Blosxom from way back when
REBOL brutal-delete.r
Recursive Delete Function
REBOL btn-style.r
Button Style
REBOL busy-style.r
Busy Style (Mac-like)
REBOL character-tables.r
Character Tables for Text Conversion/Encoding
REBOL color-code.r
Color Coder, CSS Friendly (compatible with R3)
REBOL colorize.r
Colorise image! types
REBOL database-port.r
A database with a port interface
REBOL daylight-map.r
Attempt to do a daylight map, very primative
REBOL desktop-test.r
Throwaway concept for REBOL/View Desktop
REBOL emit-rss.r
Emits RSS, originally for Carl’s Blog Script
REBOL extract-urls.r
Extract URLs from Plain Text - see Beyond Regular Expressions
REBOL field-style.r
Nice looking field style, if not too practical
REBOL google-charts.r
Google Charts API URL generator - see Google Charts and REBOL (afaik. compatible with R3)
REBOL google-search.r
‘I Am Lucky’ search simulator
REBOL hsv-lab.r
Functions to convert RGB colours to and from HSV with some example functions
REBOL httpc.r
Rudimentary HTTP console, inspired by htty.  Experiments with colour.
REBOL import.r
Import and Validate User Input
REBOL inflate.r
Failed attempt to convert an Inflate algorithm.
REBOL junk.r
‘Loads’ junk data, per suggestion from BTiffin
REBOL link-up.r
Add Links to a Face in REBOL/View - see Beyond Regular Expressions
REBOL match.r
Match dialect, alternate way of defining dialects
REBOL pekr-btn.r
Demonstration of some effects for Pekr
REBOL q-plot.r
An attempt to wrap %q-plot.r from the library as a VID style ‘plot
REBOL r3metadb.r
MetaDB for REBOL 3
REBOL r3webform.r
AltWebForm for REBOL 3 - see REBOL and Web Forms
REBOL r3xml.r
AltXML for REBOL 3 - see XML and REBOL
REBOL rebcon-map.r
Map application for virtual conference goers, not sure it still works
REBOL recurse.r
Throwaway Recursive functions
REBOL rest.r
REST protocol, first iteration — a bit rough, but getting there
REBOL rsp.r
See RSP Text Preprocessor
REBOL s3.r
Protocol for accessing resources on Amazon’s S3
REBOL sqlite.r
Or ‘AltSQLite’? My take on an SQLite interface.  Closely maps to the SQLite library access model, adds a port interface for more streamlined interaction
REBOL switch.r
A throwaway alternative to the ‘switch function
REBOL test-port.r
Test scheme used to explore port settings and capabilities.
REBOL twitter.r
Twitter API Client - see Twitter API and REBOL
REBOL walk-vid.r
Traverse a VID/face structure.
REBOL wrt.r
Sandbox URI Scheme: control access to your filesystems
REBOL xhtml-format.r
Turns plain text to (X)HTML
REBOL zoom-img.r
Little zoom technique
REBOL zoom-w-mag.r
Updated little zoom technique with options, courtesy of Renaud