Title: "Animation Style"
    Author: "Christopher Ross-Gill"
    Date: 17-Mar-2004
    Version: 0.2.0

stylize/master [
    ANIMATION: FACE with [
        anim-size: size: color: image: none
        anim-rate: make block! 0
        length: counter: 0
        progress: does [
            counter: counter // length + 1
            effect/crop: counter - 1 * 0x1 * anim-size
            rate: any [select anim-rate to-issue counter rate]
        feel: make svvf/sensor [
            engage: func [face action event][
                switch action [
                    time [face/progress show face]
                    down [face/state: on]
                    alt-down [face/state: on]
                    up   [if face/state [do-face face face/text] face/state: off]
                    alt-up [if face/state [do-face-alt face face/text] face/state: off]
                    over [face/state: on]
                    away [face/state: off]
        access: context [
            set-face*: func [face value /local tmp][
                all [
                    block? value
                    parse value [
                        any [
                            'image set tmp [image! | none!] (face/image: tmp) |
                            'rate [
                                set tmp [integer! | time! | none!]
                                (insert clear face/anim-rate reduce [#1 tmp] face/progress) |
                                set tmp block! (face/anim-rate: tmp)
                            ] |
                            'size set tmp pair! (face/anim-size: tmp)
            get-face*: func [face][
                reduce ['image face/image 'rate face/anim-rate 'size face/anim-size]
            clear-face*: func [face][face/image: none face/rate: none clear face/anim-rate]
        effect: []
        edge: [size: 0x0 color: black]
        font: [size: 16 align: 'center valign: 'middle style: 'bold shadow: 2x2]
        doc: [
            info: "base style for images"
            image: "loaded image data"
            string: "text on top of image"
            pair: "width and height of text area"
            tuple: "colorize the image"
            file: "load as image data"
            url: "load as image data"
            block: ["execute when clicked" "execute when alt-clicked"]
        init: [
            size: any [size anim-size if image? image [image/size] 100x100]
            anim-size: any [anim-size size]
            insert effect [crop 0x0 anim-size]
            if color [insert tail effect reduce ['colorize color 0] color: none]
            insert tail effect 'fit
            length: either image? image [to-integer image/size/y / anim-size/y][1]
            rate: any [rate 15]
            either length = 1 [rate: none][progress]
        words: [
            rate [insert new/anim-rate reduce [#1 new/rate: second args] next args]
            effect [insert new/effect second args next args]
            anim-size [new/anim-size: second args next args]
            anim-rate [insert tail new/anim-rate second args next args]