title: "BTN Style"
    author: "Christopher Ross-Gill"
    file: %btn-style.r
    comments: "Click here for Old Version"

stylize/master [
    BTN: FACE -1x22 with [ ; version 0.1.2
        color: image: none edge: none effects: none
        font: [color: black colors: none style: none size: 11 shadow: none align: 'center valign: 'middle offset: 14x0]
        saved-area: true

        ; 'look supercedes 'images, 'effects, 'colors, 'texts, etc. Provides
        ; action-based face manipulation in tandem with the feel/display function.
        look: reduce [
            'default load-stock 'button
            'down load-stock 'button-down
            'hover load-stock 'button-hover

        feel: make svvf/button [
            hover?: off  ; none turns hover off altogether
            over: func [face over? offset][
                if hover? <> none [hover?: either over? [on][off] show face hover?: off]
            redraw: func [face act pos /local state] [
                display face either face/state ['down][either hover? ['hover]['default]]
            ; Function used to manipulate face
            display: func [face action][
                face/image: any [select face/look action face/image]
        colors: color: none

        init: [
            if size/x = -1 [
                either text [
                    size/x: 1000
                    state: size-text self
                    size/x: either state [state/x + font/offset/x][50]
                    state: none
                ][size/x: 50]
            effect: join [extend anti-alias] either effect [effect][make block! 10]
            if color [append effect reduce ['colorize color]]
            color: none

    BTN-ENTER: BTN "Enter" with [look/default: load-stock 'button-enter]
    BTN-CANCEL: BTN "Cancel" with [look/default: load-stock 'button-cancel]
    BTN-HELP: BTN bold "?" 22x22 with [keycode: 'f1] [notify "Help is not available."]