Red [
    Title: "Google Charts API"

#macro ['use set locals block!] func [s e][
    reduce [
        make function! [
            [locals [object!] body [block!]]
            [do bind body locals]
        make object! collect [
            forall locals [keep to set-word! locals/1]
            keep none

Rebol [
    Title: "Google Chart API"
    Version: 0.1.3
    Author: "Christopher Ross-Gill"
    Date: 9-Aug-2008
    Exports: [chart]
    File: %google-charts.r
    Purpose: {Generates a URL to access the Google Charts API}

chart: use [
    root types ; settings
    map uses envelop ; core functions
    form-simple form-color form-list form-lists form-data ; type helpers

    types: [
        line "lc" line/xy "lxy" sparkline "ls"
        bar "bvs" bar/horizontal "bhs"
        pie "p3" pie/flat "p"
        map "t" venn "v"

    uses: func [proto [block!] spec [block!]][
        proto: context proto
        func [args [block! object!]] compose/only [
            args: make (proto) args
            do bind (spec) args

    map: func [series [any-block!] action [any-function!] /deep][
        also series: copy/deep series
        while [not tail? series][
            series: either all [deep block? series/1][
                change/only series map/deep series/1 :action
                change/part series action series/1 1

    envelop: func [val [any-type!]][either any-block? val [val][reduce [val]]]

    form-simple: use [to-61 codes][
        codes: "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789"

        to-61: func [val [number! none!]][
            if none? val [return "_"]
            val: max min 1 val 0
            pick codes 1 + round 61 * val

        func [[catch] data [block!] separator [any-type!]][
            rejoin map data :to-61

    form-color: func [color [tuple!] /local out][
        out: copy ""
        repeat val length? color [
            append out rejoin [back back tail form to-hex color/:val]
        lowercase out

    form-list: func [block [block!] separator [char! string!]][
        remove rejoin map block func [val][
            rejoin [
                switch/default type?/word val [
                    decimal! [round/to val 0.1]
                    tuple! [form-color val]
                    none! [-1]
                    switch/default val [
                        color ["bg"] chart ["c"] all ["a"]
                        solid ["s"] gradient ["lg"] stripes ["ls"]

    form-lists: func [
        block [block!] separator [char! string!] encode [function!]
        /with subseparator [char! string!]
        remove rejoin map block func [block][
            rejoin [separator encode block subseparator]

    form-data: func [data [block!] /local out val /text /flat /simple /label][
        unless parse data: copy/deep data [some block!][
            data: reduce [data]

        case [
            simple [rejoin ["s:" form-lists data "," :form-simple]]
            flat [form-lists/with data "," :form-list ""]
            label [form-list data/1 "|"]
            text [rejoin ["t:" form-lists/with data "|" :form-list ","]]
            true [form-lists/with data "|" :form-list ","]

    uses [
        verbose: false debug: func [val][either verbose [probe val][val]]
        out*: ""
        emit: func ['arg val][repend out* ["&" arg "=" form val]]
        title: none
        size: 320x240
        type: 'line
        simple: no
        data: []
        color: colors: labels: area: bars: scale: none
        clear out*
        if scale [
            if zero? scale [scale: 1]
            data: map/deep data func [value] compose [
                value * (round/to divide pick [100.0 1.0] not simple scale 0.001)
        emit cht any [select types type form type]
        emit chs size
        emit chd either simple [form-data/simple data][form-data/text data]
        case/all [
            title [emit chtt title]
            any [color color: colors][emit chco form-data reduce envelop color]
            labels [emit chl form-data/label envelop labels]
            area [emit chf form-data area]
            bars [emit chbh form-data bars]
        rejoin [root debug next out*]